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"Dick Kimmel & Adam Granger - Live at the Rhein" Jeep Record CD-1264.  This is Dick Kimmel's latest recording released in August 2008 and his first recording with duo partner, Adam Granger, a regular performer on Prairie Home Companion.  This double CD was recorded live in March 2008 at the Rhein River Arts Center in New Ulm, MN.  The CDs feature a variety of songs, including originals by Adam and Dick, bluegrass songs, and some off-the-wall numbers laced with very humorous moments between the songs.   Lots of singing along with guitar, mandolin, and clawhammer banjo for such selections as "Doorstep of  Trouble," "How Mountain Gals Can Love," and "Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia."  A double CD for the price of one!  (Double CD)


"Dick Kimmel & Jerilyn Kjellberg - Somebody Loves You Darlin'" Copper Creek Records CC-0245. - This recording, released in March 2007, features a selection of songs featuring Dick with his band partner, vocalist Jerilyn Kjellberg.  Dick provides all the instrumentation on guitar, mandolin, or clawhammer banjo for such selections as "Take Me Over Jordan," "Little Maggie," and "On and On."  Fine duets! Fine duet vocals. (CD only)


“Dick Kimmel - Wild Turkey Rag” Copper Creek Records CC-115.  – Released in 1992, this classic recording features a variety of bluegrass and old-time selections with Dick playing solo or with a 5-piece bluegrass band.  The band includes such musicians as Bob Black (who played banjo with Bill Monroe in the 1970s), Alan Murphy or Brian Wicklund (fiddles), and Glenn Zankey (guitar and tenor vocals).  Dick is featured on lead vocals, mandolin, clawhammer banjo, and guitar for a variety of bluegrass and old-time cuts.  Selections include “The Prisoner’s Song,” “Sugar Hill,” “Ride On By,” “ and “Dream of the Miner’s Child.”

(CD and Cassette)


“Dick Kimmel and Leo Rosenstein - Road to Braemar” Copper Creek Records CC-0132..-- Released in 1994, this recording features Dick with singer/guitarist Leo Rosenstein.  Support musicians for this ensemble bluegrass recording include Paul Horrisberger (bass), Jed Malischke (banjo), Kevin Barnes (banjo), and Brian Wicklund (fiddle).  Selections include “Peach Pickin’ Time in Georgia,” “That Little Old Country Church House,” and “Elzic’s Farewell.” (CD and Cassette)


“Dick Kimmel - 25 Year Collection” Copper Creek Records CC-0143. – Released in 1996, the “Collection” includes both out-of-print and unreleased recordings by various Dick Kimmel musical collaborations that were waxed between 1969 and 1993.  A wide variety of musicians appear with Dick on these classics, including Andy Boarman, Buddy Griffin, and Dick’s 1970's bluegrass band, Mountain Grass.  Selections include a variety of bluegrass and old-time music; “Soldier’s Joy,” “West Virginia, My Home,” “Yellow Rose of Texas.”  (CD and Cassette)


“Kimmel Rosenstein & Co - Ramblin’ Away” Copper Creek Records CC-0149. – This 1996 release features Dick Kimmel with the Minnesota band with which he toured the United Kingdom two years prior to this CD’s release.  The ensemble includes long-time band members Paul Horrisberger and Jed Malischke, along with singer/guitarist Leo Rosenstein.  This is a pleasant selection of traditional bluegrass offerings, which includes band originals “Sacred Heart,” “Door to Door to Heaven,” and “The Man of the Stillwater Trolley.” (CD and Cassette) 

“Dick Kimmel - Fishin’ Creek Blues” Copper Creek Records CC-0173. – An all clawhammer banjo CD, released in 2000.  The recording resulted in many excellent record reviews and a Kimmel cover story for the June 2001 issue of Banjo Newsletter.  This recording highlights instrumental and vocal cuts backed by Bob Bovee & Gail Heil, Shawn Craver, and a host of other musicians.  Selections include such old-time numbers as “Turkey in the Straw,” “Ian Charles,” and “Dickey’s Discovery.”  (CD only)


"Dick Kimmel & Co - My Lord Keeps A Record" Copper Creek Records CC-0240. - This recording from Dick Kimmel's full band received a second-round nomination for the best bluegrass gospel recording for 2005 by the International Bluegrass Music Association.  My Lord Keeps a Record is Dick Kimmel's first all-gospel CD and the first featuring his band, "Dick Kimmel & Co."  The recording features a variety of traditional and original bluegrass gospel numbers from band members Jerilyn Kjellberg (vocals), Tim O'Connor (banjo and guitar), Darrell Fuhr (dobro), Paul Horrisberger (bass), and Dick Kimmel (guitar, clawhammer banjo, and mandolin).  Becky Buller joined the band for this recording.  Selections include "Don't You Hear Jerusalem Moan," "It's Never Too Late," and "Swing Low Sweet Chariot."   (CD only)


The following recordings (CDs only) were released in Europe over the past few years; each containing one or more cuts featuring Dick Kimmel:


"Andy Glandt - Banjo For Soul" (released 2004 in Germany).


“Guildtown 2001 - 15 Years of Bluegrass” (released 2001 in Scotland).


“Banjo Influences - World Banjo Tour” (released in 1999 in France).


“European World of Bluegrass - 1998" (released in 1999 in the Netherlands).



Copper Creek Records Collections (CDs only); each containing one or more cuts featuring Dick Kimmel:


Gold Rush At Copper Creek - Copper Creek Records CC-6001. (2 CDs, released in 2002).


I Just Steal Away and Pray - Copper Creek Records CC-0197. (All gospel, released in 2001).



Books -


“Fishin’ Creek Blues - 17 Clawhammer Banjo Tunes” by Dick Kimmel, Mel Bay Publications, Inc. - This is a book containing tablatures of all the tunes featured on Dick Kimmel’s clawhammer banjo CD by the same name.  Since the 1970's, Kimmel tablatures have appeared in publications like Banjo Newsletter and Bluegrass Unlimited.  This book, released in September 2001, is the first collection of Kimmel clawhammer banjo tablatures.


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