Dick Kimmel

Kimmel & Coyle












Fiddle & Mandolin
Dick Kimmel & Pamela Longtine
Dick Kimmel Music 2017

Corbett On The Couch
Dick Kimmel
Dick Kimmel Music 2016

Dick Kimmel & Co
DKC Records 2011-1


Live at the Rhein
Dick Kimmel & Adam Granger
Jeep Records 7734

Somebody Loves You Darlin'
Dick Kimmel & Jerilyn Kjellberg
Copper Creek CCCD-0245

My Lord Keeps A Record
Dick Kimmel & Co
Copper Creek CCCD-0240


Fishin Creek Blues
Dick Kimmel
Copper Creek CC-0173


Ramblin' Away
Kimmel, Rosenstein & Co
Copper Creek CC-0149

25 Year Collection
Dick Kimmel
Copper Creek CC-0143


Road to Braemar
 Dick Kimmel & Leo Rosenstein
Copper Creek CC-0132


Wild Turkey Rag
 Dick Kimmel
Copper Creek CC-0115

Mel Bay Book

"Fishin' Creek Blues -
17 Clawhammer
Banjo Tunes"
by Dick Kimmel.
Mel Bay Publications,
(MB99401) $8.95




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