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Del McCoury and the Dixie Pals, July 1980.  From left to right, Sonny Miller (fiddle), Dick Kimmel (mandolin), Del McCoury (guitar), Dick Smith (banjo), Jerry McCoury (bass).


The Bluegrass Ramblers, 1961.  Left to right: Bill Matmiller (percussion), Chuck Smith (guitar), David Cady (guitar), Dick Kimmel (banjo).


The Black Mountain Bluegrass Boys, 1975.  Dwight Diller (bass), Richard Hefner (banjo), Harley Carpenter (guitar), Dick Kimmel (mandolin).


Mountain Grass, 1977, West Virginia.  From left to right: Rusty Williams (guitar), Dick Kimmel (mandolin), Keith Russell (bass), Jim Steptoe (banjo), Tim Miller (fiddle).


Del McCoury (guitar) and Dick Kimmel (mandolin).  Hebron, CT, July 1980.


Flint Hill Special, June 1981, West Virginia.  From left to right: Dick Kimmel (mandolin), Mike Clevinger (bass), Buddy Griffin (banjo), George Ward (guitar).


Dick Kimmel & Co, 1998, Minnesota.  Left to right: Jed Malischke (banjo), Paul Horrisberger (bass), Dick Kimmel (mandolin), Tim Roggenkamp (guitar).


Dick Kimmel (left), Bill Monroe (center), and Leo Rosenstein (right) following a performance at Commonwealth Convention Center, Louisville, KY, February 20, 1992, where Kimmel, Rosenstein & Co opened for Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys.


Kimmel, Rosenstein, & Co, 1992, Minnesota.  Len Kalakian (banjo), Dick Kimmel (mandolin), Paul Horrisberger (bass), Leo Rosenstein (guitar).


Keen, Kimmel & Co, 1973.  Larry Keen (guitar), Richard Pollack (fiddle), Dick Kimmel (banjo).  Rev. Caldwell on his birthday (seated).