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Our newest recording is "Pamela Longtine - Saddle Old Kate" available now only from plongtine@gmail.com.  Official release and performance/release party is on April 21, 2018 in Minneapolis (click on Performance Schedule to the left of this page for details).  Tamara Baker calls this CD, "Another solid effort featuring one of Minnesota's best old-time fiddles..."  (Minnesota Bluegrass, March 2017).

Superb recording released in May 2017!  "Dick Kimmel & Pamela Longtine - Fiddle & Mandolin" (Dick Kimmel Music CD 2017-01).  For orderting, click the Mail Order Form - link on the left side of this page.   Minnesota Bluegrass (August 2017) calls this "...the perfect CD..."

Dick's 2016 recording, "Dick Kimmel - Corbett on the Couch" (Dick Kimmel Music CD 2016-01)  focuses on Dick's original mandolin instrumentals: 15 instrumental cuts (9 are Kimmel originals) and 3 vocal numbers.  Supporting musicians include Ian Kimmel, Adam Granger, Bob Bovee, Alan Munde, Dick Kimmel & Co, Bob Black and other musicians that Dick has played with over the years.  Reviews have been excellent - Bluegrass Unlimited (September 2016): "...beautiful mandolin tone and technique."  Minnesota Bluegrass (August 2016) - "This is the work of a true master."

Dick Kimmel was featured on the cover of August 2016's Minnesota Bluegrass magazine, the voice of the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old-Time Music Association with the words,  "Dick Kimmel - Minnesota Bluegrass Ambassador."  The article entitled "Dick Kimmel: Will The Circle Be Unbroken" by Ann Iijima covers details of Dick's career in music influencing other musicians from Minnesota and especially his musician son, Ian Kimmel.

Dick Kimmel's song, Homeless and Heartbroken, was featured for a video released on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2015.  On YouTube the video had more than 1,000 views in the first 4 days and averaged more than 100 views per day for the first month.  To see the video, search YouTube for "Dick Kimmel - Homeless and Heartbroken."

Dick Kimmel was featured in May, 2015 for the NUCAT-TV mini-concert, "Off The Shelves."  To hear the mini-concert search YouTube for "Dick Kimmel - Off the Shelves."

Dick Kimmel's 2015 performances crossed 9 time zones, from Prague in the Czech Republic to Portland, Oregon.  Dick toured Europe in May, 2015 performing with Texas banjo legend, Alan Munde and Prairie Home Companion regular, Adam Granger.  In June and July, 2015, Dick Kimmel toured the Pacific Northwest with his son, Ian Kimmel, and his nephew, bass man Seth Kimmel.   

In Nashville in February 2015, Dick Kimmel & Co, along with Ian Kimmel and Becky Buller were  featured for the SPBGMA showcase of bands and their program "Dick Kimmel's History of Bluegrass Music."  Dick has presented this program for more than 40 years throughout North America and Europe.

Thanks for the excellent CD reviews!  Comments regarding our recordings include: 

Dick Kimmel & Co's latest recording, entitled "Dick Kimmel and Co - Dreamin'" presents a unique collection of songs: driving bluegrass numbers from the masters of bluegrass (Goodbye Old Pal: Bill Monroe and I'll Love Nobody But You: Jim and Jesse) and originals from this band (Homeless and Heartbroken by Dick Kimmel). 

A review from an Inside Bluegrass review reported, "Dreamin' is DK&Co's third album, and it exhibits maturity that can only get gained by experience. Its twelve cuts represent the art of the bluegrass genre as it exists...Original-song seekers will appreciate the Kimmel-penned 'Homeless and Heartbroken'...A safe recommend."

Jan Dale from Australia's Southern Style (PBS-FM, www.pbsfm.org.au) writes: "Dick Kimmel & Co just keep getting better and better.  Their latest offering Dreamin'  has some fine lead vocals and duets...Very accomplished instrumental work, too. Every track is good but I especially love the title track Dreamin',  Jesse McReynolds song I'll love nobody but you...and Monroe's Goodbye Old Pal on which Dick shows what a fine yodeller he is.   I love this album and enjoy playing it for my listeners."

"Dick Kimmel & Co - My Lord Keeps A Record" (Copper Creek Records CCCD-240):

California Bluegrass Association: "Dick has assembled a fine band with wonderfully blended vocal harmonies and instrumentation ranging from hard-driving to softly melodic...With the deeply heartfelt vocals and stirring messages of hope and redemption, it's hard to believe that the band has never recorded a gospel album before...Definitely a must for fans of well done gospel music." 


"Dick Kimmel & Jerilyn Kjellberg - Somebody Loves You Darlin'" (Copper Creek Records CCCD-0245)

For Bluegrass Unlimited, Steve Goldfield writes:
    "Duet singing is one of the primary threads in old-time and traditional country music.  We have brother duos, sister duos, and male/female duos.  Dick Kimmel and (duo partner) Jerilyn Kjellberg are a  marvelous addition to this tradition...Kimmel and Kjellberg braid their voices together into a deliciously rich harmony...The duo puts their stamp on all the songs...The arrangements (with Kimmel on guitar, mandolin, or banjo) are simple and tasteful.  Both have strong and subtle voices that express the material beautifully...Highly recommended to anyone who loves great duet singing."

 Al Shusterman from Backroads Bluegrass (KCBL, Sacramento, CA) writes: 

     "Wow!!  The impact of this extraordinary CD just takes your breath away.  If you enjoy listening to authentic duets from years past, then this CD fits that bill...I was totally mesmerized while listening to this wonderful CD.  The vocals were excellent and you could really feel the emotion and enthusiasm in their voices...The instrumental work was superb...I played the entire CD and received many calls to play it again....Truthfully, you need to play this CD several times in order to get the full impact from their beautiful voices and the great lyrics of each song." 

Comments from Letters and Emails

Just wanted to let you know the CDs arrived today. Thanks for getting them out to me so quickly. I spent an enjoyable afternoon listening to them. They are all great, however, I think my very favorite would be the Dreamin' CD.  I love it.

- Elaine, Shakopee, MN

What an excellent evening of musical fun at your cd release at Turner Hall was! The music as well as the onstage banter provided everyone a wonderfully entertaining night. Kudos also on a wonderful new cd, I must have listened to Katie Dear a dozen times already since I purchased the cd.

-Dan, New Ulm, MN

I heard "Three Jewels in the Master's Crown" on RFD-TV on March 17.  I thought that the song was very beautiful.   I hope to see you perform again on RFD-TV.

-Clair, Caldwell, Ohio

"Chalk up the Dick Kimmel & Co mini tour of Wisconsin as a total success!! ...they played at the Copper Grid in Madison, Wisconsin, to a standing room only crowd of bluegrass fans...The band played and sang hard driving, straight forward bluegrass music liberally sprinkled with stories and laughter...My favorite song of the evening was Dick singing the beautiful old Prisoners Song .  Dick sang it tenderly and with great feeling...Then, he absolutely brought down the house by singing it like a typical bluegrass band would sing it today--with lots of fire and speed!!!...After two encores, the crowd reluctantly let them close the show...It was a stellar evening at the Copper Grid.  I know they will be coming back to Wisconsin soon and when they do, don't miss their show."

-Carmen Burnett, Fireball Mail, Madison, WI

ENDORSEMENTS  - Dick Kimmel is proud to endorse:

D'Addario Strings  - Dick uses D'Addario strings on all of his instruments.  He uses D'Addario EXP17 Guitar Strings, EXP74CM Mandolin Strings, and J61 Medium Gauge Banjo Strings.   "The EXP strings have a great sound that maintains itself in between string changes.  The best strings I've ever used."

Ramsey Banjos - My main stage banjo these days is a custom 5-string built by Mike Ramsey (Chanterele).  It has a 12 inch pot, hoop tone ring, and extremely thin rim with fewer brackets than most banjos.  I love the tone and weight.

JR's Claw Picks  - Like many clawhammer banjo players, I don't have fingernails that will hold up through many nights of performing. Also, I've found that flatpicking a guitar and mandolin also wears the right index nail down as well.  I had struggled with various false fingernail concoctions for decades.  JR's Claw Picks sound natural, seat firmly on my finger, and feel great to play with.  For information contact Val Johnson at fungis2001@yahoo.com

LaPlant Mandolins and Guitars  - Dick often uses an F5 style mandolin and a slope-sholder dreadnout guitar handmade by Lloyd LaPlant of Grand Rapids, MN.  He has owned, performed, and recorded with 3 different LaPlant mandolins since the 1980's.  Lloyd's mandolins and guitars are excellent, both in craftsmanship and tone quality.  LaPlant instruments are totally handmade.

Seth Kimmel Banjos  - Seth Kimmel, a fine luthier from Eugene, Oregon is mainly known for his exceptional string basses.  Dick plays a Kimmel (Seth Kimmel) fretless banjo.  Hear this banjo at many of Dick's solo performances and recordings.  Seth is Dick's nephew and a wonderful old-time musician who has shared the stage with Dick and Ian Kimmel.