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DICK KIMMEL - 2010 inductee into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame

PAMELA LONGTINE - "One of Minnesota's best old-time fiddlers" (Minnesota Bluegrass, March 2017) 

Dick Kimmel & Pamela Longtine present a diverse repertoire drawn from old-time stringband, folk, and traditional bluegrass music. In 2017 they released, "Dick Kimmel & Pamela Longtine -- Fiddle & Mandolin." Folk musician, Ron Miles writes, "What a splendid piece is your new album -- my traveling companion."  Stringed instrument builder and enthusiast, Lloyd LaPlant relates, "Every cut on the new Dick Kimmel & Pamela Longtine CD is wonderful." 

This CD has received excellent reviews:


Minnesota Bluegrass (August 2017):  "This CD is the first by Dick Kimmel and Pamela Longtine, two stalwarts of the Minnesota old-time and traditional string music community.  Kimmel is a multi-instrumentalist legend, adept at guitar and clawhammer banjo as well as mandolin; Longtine is a superb fiddler with experience in many tradition genres...they've put together the perfect CD...Top notch stuff all around."

Bluegrass Unlimited (November 2017): "...their music here is well-played and enjoyable, most impressive is their ability to write tunes that sound as if they could be a hundred years old."

Pamela is a traditional fiddler inspired by the fiddlers who carried schottisches, jigs, and polkas from Northern Europe to America. She specializes in rural American hoedowns and waltzes as well as French-Canadian jigs and reels. Pamela began playing fiddle in the early 1990s. In January 2018 she released a solo fiddle recording, "Pamela Longtine - Saddle Old Kate."  Minnesota Bluegrass (March 2018) gave this recording an excellent review stating, "This CD shows the depth and breadth of Longtine's talents...Another solid effort featuring one of Minnesota's best old-time fiddlers..."  She is also featured on the 2011 CD, "The  Minnesota Fiddle Tunes Project."  Pamela’s original tunes, one of her specialies, are carefully placed within the style of historic fiddle tunes.

In August 2016, Minnesota Bluegrass presented a cover story entitled, "Dick Kimmel - Minnesota Bluegrass Ambasador."  Dick Kimmel is a traditional musician, who has performed bluegrass and old-time music internationally for more than 50 years. He sings historical songs from the bluegrass, old-time, and folk music traditions, as well as performing original songs and instrumentals. Dick plays mandolin, clawhammer banjo, and guitar. He has been inducted into 3 music halls of fame: America’s Old-Time Country and Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame in 2008, the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame in 2010, and the Mid-America Music Hall of Fame in 2012. He has recorded more than 2 dozen LP’s and CD’s, including 4 solo recordings.

IA typical performance by Kimmel & Longtine opens with a rousing fiddle tune, such as “Little Betty Brown,” with Pamela's fiddle accompanied by Dick playing clawhammer banjo. This is a Central US tune from a version learned from Minnesota/Missouri fiddler Gail Heil, with whom Dick recorded the tune. Next Kimmel & Longtine, playing mandolin and fiddle, join with harmony vocals for "Buffalo Gals," a fast-paced song attributed to nineteenth century minstrel musicians. This is followed by an historic country song played on fiddle and guitar, “The Prisoner’s Song,” in a style faithfully representing the 1924 Vernon Dahlhart recording.  This is followed by "Goodbye Old Pal," penned by Bill Monroe - the father of bluegrass music, performed in an early bluegrass/old-time style with just fiddle and mandolin. Longtine then adds one of her originals, "The "Metamorphosis Stomp," followed by Kimmel's "Ride On By," an environmental classic that was a #1 bluegrass record for Kimmel in the 1970s. Kimmel & Longtine wind their way through various songs and tunes, each introduced with information on how it fits within our culture. Their audience is not only entertained, but learns about the music as well. A Kimmel & Longtine audience leaves their concert with big smiles for the music along with an appreciation for the acoustic music these musicians perform.

n addition to concerts, Dick Kimmel & Pamela Longtine present concert-based programs at festivals, libraries, and history centers  Their programs include "Fiddle Fun - Passing Down the Tradition," "Creeping Critters - Animal Songs," "Dick Kimmel's History of Bluegrass Music," "Talkin' Turkey Songs," "Songs of the Environment," "Beautiful Bugs - the amazing Monarch Butterfly," "Songs of a Healthy Planet," and "Songsmithing - the Art of  Writing Songs and Tunes."

For more information contact Dick Kimmel & Pamela Longtine at kimmel@newulmtel.net, PO Box 101 - New Ulm MN 56073, or 507-276-1808.

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