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Dick Kimmel & Co is a 4 piece bluegrass band based in southern Minnesota.  Since the 1970's, Dick Kimmel's bands have performed throughout North America and Europe. In 2008, this band received the National Traditional Country Music Association's "Rising Legend Award."  Dick Kimmel & Co's style of bluegrass is laced with original songs that seem like classics,  

Dick Kimmel & Co 



Recent CD's from Dick Kimmel & Co include the award-winning bluegrass gospel recording, "Dick Kimmel & Co - My Lord Keeps A Record" recognized as one of the top bluegrass gospel recordings in 2005 by the International Bluegrass Music Association.  In 2016, Dick Kimmel & Co was featured on 2 recordings including Dick's 4th solo release, "Dick Kimmel - Corbett on the Couch."      

Dick Kimmel is a triple hall-of-famer who has been performing bluegrass music since the 1950's.  With his band, Dick handles lead and harmony vocals in addition to playing mandolin, guitar, and clawhammer banjo.  Dick has recorded more than 2-dozen albums, including 7 CD's for Copper Creek Records.  His solo recordings include "Dick Kimmel -25 Year Collection" (Copper Creek Records CD-0143), "Dick Kimmel-Wild Turkey Rag" (Copper Creek Records CD-0115), his clawhammer banjo release, "Dick Kimmel -Fishin' Creek Blues" (Copper Creek Records CD-0173) and a mandolin recording "Dick Kimmel - Corbett on the Couch" (Dick Kimmel Music CD-2016-01).  In a 1994 feature article, Bluegrass Unlimited referred to Dick as the "Ambassador of Bluegrass."  On stage, Dick's emcee work paints a picture of bluegrass music and its colorful history from information he gained as a writer for international bluegrass music magazines.  Dick Kimmel is a 'triple hall of famer' - a 2012 inductee into the Mid-America Music Hall of Fame, a 2010 inductee into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, and a 2008 inductee into America's Old-Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  Addditionally, in 2014, he received a nomination for SPBGMA's Bluegrass Entertainer of the Year Award.  In 2016 the Bluegrass Association of North Dakota awarded him as their International Bluegrass Ambassador of the Year.  See the "Artist Profile" link on this website for more information on Dick's background.

Over the years, Dick Kimmel & Co has included some of the biggest bluegrass musicians in the business.  Thus, band personnel often varies from year to year and gig to gig, but always maintaining the strong Kimmel bluegrass sound.

Ian Kimmel often joins his Dad on stage providing an extra Kimmel punch to the music.  Ian is a junior at Berklee College of Music in Boston - considered the foremost contemporary music school in the world.  Ian sings and plays mandolin, Dobro, guitar, and a variety of other instruments.  He has performed and recorded with Dick Kimmel & Co since the 1990s.  His most recent solo CD is "Ian Kimmel & the Heard - Nothing to Say Nothing to Tell."  On March 21, 2017,  Ian had the honor of performing with his band at the Bitter End in New York City - an historic venue noted for launching the career of many musicians including Bob Dylan. 

A favorite Dick Kimmel & Co musician is banjo phenom, Graham Sones He has played Scruggs-style banjo for more than 40 years. This Rochester, MN native performed and recorded with some of the Midwest's top bluegrass bands. Additionally, Graham is an excellent lead singer and adds the baritone vocals to DKC's trio and quartet harmonies.

Other musicians often filling out the DKC mix include singer/guitarist Tony Rook.  standup-acoustic bass player Terry Johnson, Prairie Home Companion guitarist/songwriter Adam Granger, traditional fiddler Pamela Longtine, and electric bass man/Berklee student Mark Donohue.

Comments About Dick Kimmel & Co:

"Dick Kimmel & Co is absolutely rock-solid, professional! Look for Dick Kimmel & Co on posters as the  festival season next year begins to roll around.  Go to support the festival, but go especially to see and hear this band perform.  If you have even the slightest reverence for the style of bluegrass we have inherited from the first generation greats and beyond, you will walk away at evening's end humming and singing this band's songs and looking for more festival posters."  Len Kalakian, Inside Bluegrass, December 2009.

"Dick has assembled a fine band with wonderfully blended vocal harmonies and instrumentation ranging from hard-driving to softly melodic. With the deeply heartfelt vocals and stirring messages of hope and redemption, it's hard to believe that the band has never recorded a gospel album before. Definitely a must for fans of well done gospel music."  California Bluegrass Association web site, July 2005

"Tops in bluegrass - internationally traveled"  Mountain Music Showbarn, Custer, SD, July 1996.

"They played at the Copper Grid in Madison, Wisconsin, to a standing room only crowd of bluegrass fans...the band played and sang hard driving, straight forward bluegrass music liberally sprinkled with stories and laugher...After two encores, the crowd reluctantly let them close the show."  Carmen Burnett, Fireball Mail, May-June 2000.

"Your superbly exciting blend of traditional bluegrass music, performed with dedication and authenticity, struck home to the hearts of our audiences."  Guildtown (Scotland) Bluegrass Festival, September 1994.